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"dale has been a instrumental part in my ongoing healing. His "Bedside" manner puts you at ease and his jokes, well they speak for themselves. He truly is used by the Lord to relieve so many physical ailments. thanks dale."
- randy J.
"I have been seeing Dr Retzer for about 17 yrs . After seeing other Chiropractor's .That left me hurting as much or more as before being treated. Moved north a few years ago and tried some other chiropractor's closer to where I live again had to return to Dr. Retzer to help me. His practical advice helps me keep moving.. "
- Jennifer S.
"Dr. Retzer is very good. He takes time to ask about issues you may be experiencing, then treats them, while at the same time looking for other issues. He provides preventive advice so a patience feels they have control over their health. He has a friendly manner and his staff is always willing to assist their patiences."
- Fred F.
"Dr. Retzer has helped relieve numerous issues for me. He is competent, caring, and I highly recommend his services. I really like that his approach focuses on preventative measures and techniques and stretching you can do at home to minimize visits to him. I have never had a chiropractor advise me on things I could do to minimize future visits – how refreshing. I hunch over a computer all day, so staying in alignment is vital. I like the activator method, because it is more targeted and gentle than manual manipulation. I initially went to see him because I had chronic heartburn and a friend told me he could help. I was amazed that it actually worked and am grateful that I gave it a try. Within a few weeks, my heartburn was all but gone, and without the need for medication. I now have only occasional flare ups, and my monthly maintenance adjustments keep it in check. His friendly manner and practical advice has helped me stay healthier than I’ve felt in years. "
- Susie G.
"well, for starters, Dr. Retzer is an amazingly humble man but one that truly knows his stuff. IF you can deal with the Corny jokes and such, I would highly recommend him for all your adjustment needs. I have developed a deep and meaningful, if not crazy at times, relationship and I am proud to call him my Dr. and my friend. His gift for knowing what and how to treat each person individually is truly a gift from the Lord! yes he is usually behind but not because of anything other than taking the time to truly treat each person as his very best patient though we all know that I am. Just ask sharon or beverly"
- Randy J.
""We have had adjustments from many chiropractors around the country. We like Dr. Retzer's use of the activator with some massage for maximum effectiveness. He also spends more time treating his patients than any other we've been to. " "
- Debbie F.
"I give Dr. Dale a high rating first and foremost because I always feel much better after a treatment. I always need lots of adjustments, and he takes lots of time determining where it is my back and neck are in poor alignment. I especially like the fact that he massages especially tight muscles. I wonder why he doesn't post his picture on the website because he is a good looking guy with a serious but humble visage. I especially like his good clean sense of humor and his corny jokes, but they do drive his receptionist a little crazy sometimes."
- Matt W.
"I have been going to Dr. Retzer for years. He has always provided. excellent, effective, & gentle ttreaemt. "
- Lynn D.

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